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LGHS English Department Distance Learning Plan


  • ALL classes in the high school will be participating in a Facebook closed group to create a digital time capsule of current experiences.  Teachers will act as administrators and will approve anything submitted before it will be shown on the page.


  • Other assignments may be given on Moodle if desired by specific teachers.


  • Assignments will be posted over time on the Facebook page. 


  • Assignments are based on enrichment of standards and knowledge from the year. 


  • Creativity is encouraged wherever possible in the assignments.  You will be sharing with others, so we want everyone to be enriched and encouraged by your work.


  • Assignments will be submitted to the page on differing days, but at least two (2) per week will be available. 


  • Assignments may also be emailed to English teachers. If emailing is not an option, please contact your English teacher.
    • Cathy Welker
    • Sherry Mills
    • Elizabeth Johnson
    • Michele Underwood
    • Jess Stipes


Week 1


  1. Write a Haiku poem about SPRING.  Watch this YouTube video for help:      Post your poem below, or PM a teacher for some feedback.  Go outside and observe, and then write.


  1. Journal your experience being quarantined.  What is your perception of COVID-19?  How does it affect you?  Who’s in the most danger?  What can you do to reduce the chance of contracting the virus?


 Week 2


  1. Many Romantic poets and authors saw Nature as an active character in the world (think of how often you’ve heard “Mother Nature”) and have been inspired by Nature when humanity is just too much to take.  Share a particular moment when this happened for you.  How did Nature reach out to you?  What insight did you gain?  What thoughts would you like to share with others? 


  1. Share a link to a RADIO EDIT version of a song that is helping you feel hopeful, positive, or reflective about this time.  Tell us why.


  1. Survey your family members about how this time has affected them.  Record and report their responses. 


 Week 3


  1. Write a journal entry enhanced with emojis, telling about an experience you’ve had this year.  It may be funny, dramatic, or exciting. 


  1. Learning about how others handle a crisis can both help us and soothe our worries.  Google “1918 flu pandemic” to find articles about the Spanish flu that began circulating that year.  Do a close reading of two articles.  Submit a list of similarities and differences between that pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Share links to the articles you used.


Week 4


  1. If you are watching any news at all, you are being exposed to many potentially new words.  For example, propagation, pandemic, epidemic, and prognosis could be a few of the new words you are exposed to.  What new words have you been hearing?  Where did you hear them?  How did you figure out what they mean?  Do you need any help with any new or ‘scary’ words that you are hearing? 


  1. Write review of a movie you’ve watched during your time at home (rated no higher than PG-13).  Discuss the plot and character development.  What made the movie worth watching? 


  1. Find a grammar or English-related meme and share it.  The only catch?  You have to explain why it’s funny to Karen.  J