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Concurrent Enrollment Information

To enroll in Concurrent Classes, you must complete the form below. The High School Counselors are not able to apply to the University or select your courses for you.  

Please follow the steps below: 

  1. Complete the LGHS Concurrent Enrollment Request Form

       2. Apply for Admission to RSU, NSU, or TCC 

  1. Enroll either by going to the University or calling/emailing them.
  • After you have enrolled, you must email or bring a hard copy of your enrolled courses to Mrs. Tatum. 

       4.  Review Financial Aid Information

       Cherokee Nation Concurrent Scholarship     Deadlines: Fall June June 15th/Spring:  January 15th 

       GEAR-UP  (If you are unable to locate another funding source, Gear-up may be able to reimburse you for your fees and books. You will first pay your fees and provide  Mrs. Tatum with a statement showing that you have a zero balance. You may purchase your books and present a receipt to Mrs. Tatum.  Both the statement and receipt(s) must be signed by the student.   

       Mid-America Scholarship 

       The Mid-America Scholarship renews every semester and can be awarded until funding is exhausted.  Please find the information below: