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Scholarships and Financial Aid Information

FASFA Opens October 1st.    

Completing FASFA is a requirement if the student plans to attend College or Career Tech after High School. 

Finish FASFA in Five Steps

Documentation needed to complete FASFA

Junior/Senior Survival Guide Packet 

Senior “To Do” Checklist

Parent Month by Month College Admissions Guide


Youth Leadership Oklahoma (Class of 2023) 


November Scholarships

December Scholarships


College Specific Scholarships

NEO Freshman Scholarships 

NSU Freshman Scholarships and Honors Scholarships

RSU Freshman Scholarships 

Local Scholarships

Monday Forum (Closes March 4th-Senior Girls) 

SPICE Scholarship 4 Seniors (Closes March 5th- LGHS Students Only) 

OPAA Scholarship (Closes April 1st-Senior-Must be a Opaa school student) 

OHCE Scholarship (Closes March 28th/Seniors) 

Mayes County Rotary Scholarship (Closed April 15/Senior)

Northeastern Health System (Closes April 15th/Senior) Link to Flyer   Link to Criteria



Academic Scholars Program 

Amazon Future Engineers Scholarship (Closes January 25th-Seniors) 

Ann Wade Scholarship (April 1st -Seniors)

Art:  NatureWorks - Sutton Award for Student Conservation Art (Closes January 13th: Grades 9-12) 

Barbara  Lotze Scholarship  (Future Physics Teachers-December 1st)   

Best Colleges (Criminal Justice) 

Cancer Upwrapped Writing Contest (Due March 4th-9th-12th) 

Cards Direct Design (Seniors/College Students-Closes November 1st)

Christophers Video Contest (January 16th-Seniors) 

Coca-Cola Scholarship  (Seniors-Closes October 31st) 

Create Real Impact Scholarship (Closes November 3rd) 

C-SPAN's Student Cam (Closed January 20th: Grades 9-12)

Daughters of the American Revolution (Closes January 31st: Seniors) 

Dell (Closes December 1st)

Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship 

Dr. Bob Mooneyham Memorial Scholarship (Closes February 1st-Seniors)      

Education Matters Scholarship (Closes November 30th) 

Education Matters Scholarship -Kevin Roach (Closes March 1st-Seniors) 

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition (Closes November 15th)

Elks National Foundation Legacy Scholarship  (Closes February 7th; Senior; relative that is an Elk member) 

Engebretson Foundation Scholarship (Closes March 1st;Seniors; $5,000) 

Eye on the Future Contest (Closes April 8th: 9th-12th) 

FFA: National FFA Scholarship Program (Closed January 5th-Multiple Scholarships) 

Frame My Future (Close April 1st: All) 

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Scholarship (Closes December 17th-Seniors) 

The Frances Koop Parsons/AT&T Pioneers Memorial Scholarship (March 22, 2022: Seniors) 

The George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest (Closes October 31st)

Google North America Scholarship (Closed December 10th)

Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarship (Closes  February 16th-Seniors) 

Hamilton Award Scholarship (Closes January 26th-JUNIORS)

I have a Dream (Closes January 31st-Age 14+)

I have Spirit, yes I do! (Closes April 1st-Seniors)

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship (Seniors only-Closes November 18th)

JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest (January 14th:Grades 9-12)

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship (April 1st: Seniors) 

Luigi Wewege Foundation  (Closed December 1st-Seniors)t   

The Matteress Nerd Scholarship (Closes April 1st-Seniors) 

Mensa Foundation's College Scholarship Program (Closes January 14th : Seniors) 

Money Key Scholarship  (Closes September 30th) 

National Eagle Scout Association Scholarships (Closes January 31st: Multiple) 

National High School Essay Contest (Closes April 4th: 9th-12th) 

National  Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship (Closes January 1st-Seniors) 

National Honor Society Scholarship (Closes December 1st) 

Newton Pens Scholarships (Closes April 2nd, Seniors) 

National Space Club Scholarship (Closes December 3rd-Seniors: STEM) 

Northeast Oklahoma Electric Coop (Closes March 3rd-Seniors) 

Oklahoma 4-H Foundation Scholarships 

Oklahoma City Foundation Scholarships  (Opens October 1st-Multiple Scholarships) 

Oklahoma Hall of Fame Scholarship (Closes September 17th)

OERB Scholarship (Closes March 1, 2022-Seniors 2022)

One Earth Film Contest (Closes January 5th ; Grades 3rd-Adult) 

PAF Chapter Scholarship (Closes January 31, 2022-Seniors) 

Project Yellow Light (Closes April 1st: Ages 14+)

Regeneron Science Talent Search (Closes November 10th)

Ronald Reagan Foundation Scholarship  (Closes January 5th) 

Taco Bell Scholarship (Closes January 11th; Ages 16-24) 

Technology Awareness Scholarship (Closes January 25th-Freshman through Seniors) 

Top Ten Things List Scholarship   (Closes December 31st-Age 14+) 

Security Benefit Strength in Benefit Scholarship (Closes April 1st-Seniors) 

Shout it Out (Closes September 30th) 

Student Photography Scholarships (Closes November 15th) 

Trailheads Scholarship (Closed January 15-Seniors) 

Varsity Tutors Monthly Scholarship (Monthly Essay Contest) 

We the People (April 15th-Ages 14-19) 

Wilson Schoarship (March 1st-Seniors) 

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship (October 31st) 

UNIGO $10K Scholarship (December 31st Age 14+)

Youth Energy Leadership Award (Closes April 30th) 

Career Specific 

OERB Scholarship (Petroleum Career) 

Berto Diaz Scholarship (Engineering/March 1st/Seniors)

Ann Wade Scholarship (Future Teacher/April 1st)

Secruity Benefit (Future Teacher/April 1st) 

Minority Scholarships 

American Indian College Fund 

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

The Gates Scholarship 

Cherokee Nation Scholarships

Cherokee Nation Foundation Scholarships   (Opens November 1st and Closes January 31st) 

Cherokee Nation Trail of Tears Award for Excellence (closes March 1st) 

College and Career Resources for Indigenous Students

Creek Nation Scholarships 

Creek Nation Foundation Scholarships

McDonalds HACER Scholarship (Closes February 7th; Seniors-Hispanic) 

NACME Scholarships for Minorities 

Ron Brown Scholarship (Closes January 9th; Seniors; African American) 

 (Closes March 10th; American Indian; Natural Resources Major) 

Students with Financial Need 

Dell Scholars (Open October 1; Closes December 1st)

The Hagan Scholarship  (Closes  December 1st) 

Horatio Alger State Scholarship (December-March 15)

Horatio Alger National Scholarship (December-March 15-JUNIORS) 

Career and Technical College 

Career and Technical College Horatio Alger

Niche Community College Scholarship

OSU-Oklahoma City Tech Connect Scholarship


Military Related 

American Legion Baseball Scholarship 

Heroes Promise

Legacy Scholarship (Closes April 15th) 

Samsung American Legion Scholarship


Champions for Christ (Closes November 1st) (Seeking Full Time Ministry after college)

Diller Teen Awards (Closes January 7th; Ages 12-19: Must identify as Jewish)